Information About the Golden Retriever Breed


Around the world, there are a lot of known breeds of dogs. Visiting pet shops and watching dog shows will help you realize that there are indeed different dog breeds and they have their own characteristics. One of those breeds is the golden retriever breed. There are a lot of people who are golden retriever lovers. But, what made it popular? What made them different from other dog breeds? For those who have not heard about these breed of dogs yet, you will have an idea after you have finished reading this.

The golden retriever breed was developed in Scotland during the late 1800s by Lord Tweedmouth. Since hunting is considered as a sport in their place, Lord Tweedmouth tried to develop a very good hunting dog and he came up with this dog breed. It is known to be athletic, intelligent, gentle, loving, and eager to please kind of dog. They love human companionship more than getting along with other kinds of dogs. They are good not only as a hunting dog, but also as a guide dog. But, they are not good as guard dogs as they will not even try to harm strangers. For these kinds of dogs, every people they meet (known or strangers) are considered as a friend and playmate.

If trained properly, this dog breed is very obedient. They can be easily taught with commands and trained with different actions or tricks. If you have observed, bomb squads and rescue and retrieval agents usually carry along with them canines to help them with their operations. Most of these canines are golden retriever breeds. They were trained properly in order to perform their tasks very well. A retriever loves to be given tasks, and it performs the tasks even if it is already exhausted. They do these just to please their owners or trainers. That is why a lot of people are retriever breed lovers. They have seen in this breed the qualities and behavior that they have been looking for in a dog.

Now, you already have some ideas about the golden retriever breed. If you want to learn more about retrievers, you can check pet shops or ask dog breeders who breed retrievers for information. The internet is also a good source of information about this dog breed. You will surely gather a lot of information by doing these steps.


Source by Steve D Taylor