PPT Marketing and Online Delivery of Information


Have you ever input ‘internet marketing’ into a search engine? Around 150,000,000 million results. Keep that number in mind – it’s important to be aware (aware – not afraid of) how many competitors you have.

It’s also important to develop a hype-detector. Those of you who are copywriters or sales folk will know what I’m on about. It’s important to tell the difference between a mentor who just speaks about their particular money-making niche and one who actually makes their money from it (as opposed to making money from talking about doing it – very fine line). Look for mentors who are very low on hype, very high on content, valuable information and intelligent delivery.

Honest, down to earth and straight forward – very no-bull. This is the way to go for most people.

Webinars are fantastic – pop the dinner on, plug in and away you go. No nasty scurrying around trying to find parking at a major stadium, no rushing after work to a talk at the local town hall, or getting caught in the rain at bus stops – intelligent delivery, making it as easy as possible for you to learn from them.

A series of webinars, under 2 hours each, is a great way to deliver valuable information. Any longer and people drift off; anything under an hour will have trouble getting signups as the market perceives it as low value unless you are really, really well known in your industry; e.g. almost every investor in the world would sign on to hear 15 minutes of webinar with Warren Buffet, but try it when no one knows who you are.


Source by Gillian Clive